Makerere University Business School Tourism and Hospitality Association

Together for Tourism and Hospitality Excellency



The Association was started on 2016 in Makerere University Business School in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the Guild constitution with the strength and need for a sense of belonging, unity and identity. It was initially created as a platform to help the students come together and find solutions on how to always sell the tourism passion to the rest of the world.


A vibrant association complementing the transformation of tourism and hospitality students at MUBS.


To promote unity, industry exposure, and environmental conservation among tourism and hospitality students.

Our activities

MUBSTHA uses seminars, music, dance and drama, research, sports, tours and field excursions, newsletters, magazines, trainings, picture drawing, essay writing and networking with other associations, institutions and other offices both political and non-political to achieve her objectives while observing rules governing it.

Objectives of the Association

  1. To promote and encourage positive social interaction and unity among tourism and hospitality students
  2. To help in securing internship placements and other training opportunities for tourism and hospitality students
  3. To encourage participation of students in school and tourism industry activities and events.
  4. To identify and disclose opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry to the students.
  5. To advocate and lobby for legitimate student interests to MUBS management and other stakeholders in the tourism industry.
  6. Promote environmental conservation and sustainable tourism development among students and other tourism stakeholders.

Membership and Subscription Fees.

Qualification of a member will be based on the following:

  1. He/she must be a registered student of Makerere University Business School in the Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Languages.
  2. He/she has paid the subscription fee and membership fee of Ugx 10,000 paid to the Treasurer.
  3. Anyone who has got similar interests and advocations for the Association.

Current Leadership

Current Programs

Contact us

Mobile: 0706180054/0784291821


We are open for membership and we invite different stakeholder organizations for partnerships in order to fulfill our vision and objectives